Here is the list. highest offer gets it basically. I think shipping is like 4 bucks or w/e...So add that maybe it'll be 3. the better guys are in bold. Highest offer gets it basically.....If anyone offers 10 dlvd its theirs.....thanks!!

04 playoff honors Cheing Ming Wang
90 topps Frank Thomas
04 topps total Ryan Langerhans
04 topps Joe Mauer
04 topps Dionerr Navaro
04 topps total Bobby Jenks

92 donruss Ryan Klesko
90 topps Steve Finley
90 score Moises Alou
90 topps Gary Sheffield
90 topps Omar Viszquel
90 topps Bernie Williams

94 ted williams Cliff Floyd
99 skybox Matt Clement
99 UD Matt Clement

04 topps Chris Lubanski
04 bowman chrome Shawn Hill
04 boman chrome Merkin Valdez
04 bowman Chris Lubanski
04 bowman Zach Duke
04 bowman Josh Labeindiera
03 donruss Miguel Cabrera
03 UD Lyle Overbay rc?
04 DEE Bj Upton
02 bowman Josh Labeindiera
04 UD Rocco Baldelli
04 UD Brandon Webb
03 topps Eric Hinske
03 topps Kevin Youkilis
03 UD Jeremy Bonderman