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    New List BB BKB FB Autos & GU + XbX Cube


    05/06 Lux Bx Authentic Twos Dual TCR-HG K. Hinrich/B. Gordon /193
    Sammy Sosa 02 UD Game Swatches Jsy HJ-SS
    Jeff Bagwell 01 LR&S Bat/Jsy Dual Dress for Success DFS16
    Drew Bledsoe 04 Leaf Limited Threads at the Half Jsy LT-34 32/35
    L Walker/T Helton 03 Prest Connections Jsy(stitch/stripe)/Bat C-24 /400
    Todd Helton 01 EX Behind the Numbers Jsy (stripe)
    01 Bowman's Best Exclusive Rookie Auto Stubby Clapp BBEA-SC

    B. Sokal Syberia in orig bx w/ instructions
    Genma Onjmusha in orig bx w/ instructions
    Legacy of Kain: Defiance in orig bx w/ instructions
    Azurik: Rise of Perathia in orig bx w/ instructions
    Tenchu: Return from Darkness in orig bx w/ instructions

    Zelda: Wind Waker in orig bx w/ instructions
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    are you selling or just trading? I'm kinda interested in the Hinrich/Gordon

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    that's a bit too high for me, I'm sure it's a competitive price, but I don't collect basketball, just a Bulls fan, and I can't bring myself to spend that much. Thanks for the reply though.

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    The BULLS will rule the world (SOON) once again, my friend... fellow Bulls fan right here, this one's a dupe for me or it wouldn't be available, especially not for the price I paid for 2 packs, delivered.

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    im also a hugebulls fan whats the bv on it?

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