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    My ttm sports for your wrestling cards

    I have been collecting ttm autographs for years. Recently I have decided to just focus my collection on wrestling cards.

    All of these I have to trade for wrestling cards I don't have (ttm's, autos, relics or just base)

    If you see something you're interested in just shoot me a pm or respond here. Thanks for looking.

    Just a number after players name means acquired ttm. Number followed by c means certified card. Number followed by ic means index cards.

    Adam Vinatieri-1 (Colts)
    *Aeneas Williams-2 (Rams)
    AJ Cann-1c (South Carolina)
    Al Toon-2 (Jets)
    Alex Van Pelt-1,1pc (Bills)
    Alterraun Verner-1,1ic (Bucs)
    Andre Hal-1c
    Andre Reed-6 (Bills)
    Andrew Zow-1,1pc,1ic (Alabama)
    Andy Russell-1 (Steelers)
    Anthony Carter-1 (Vikings)
    Antonio Brown-3 (Steelers)
    Archie Manning-1 (Ole Miss)
    Babe Parilli-1 (Kentucky)
    Bam Morris-2, 1ic (Ravens)
    Barney Bussey-1,1ic (Bengals)
    Ben Coates-3 (Patriots)
    Bennie Blades-3 (Lions)
    Bert Jones-3 (LSU)
    Bill Cowher-1 (NC State)
    Bill Romanowski-1 (Broncos)
    Billy Ray Smith-1,1pc,1ic (Chargers)
    Bjoern Werner-1 (Florida St)
    Blake Bortles-1 (Cent Florida)
    Bo Wallace-1c (Ole Miss)
    Bob Burger-2,1ic (ND)
    Bobby Hebert-2, 1ic, 1pc (Saints)
    Brad Baxter-1,1ic (Jets)
    Brandon Spikes-2 (Bills,Florida)
    Brandon Stokley-1 (Broncos)
    Brent Novoselsky-1 4x6 (Vikings)
    Brian Blades-3 (Seahawks)
    Brock Osweiler-1 (Broncos)
    Bruce Armstrong-3 (Patriots)
    Bubby Brister-1 (Steelers)
    Carl Banks-2 (Giants)
    Carl Bradford-1,1ic
    Carl Lee-1 (Vikings)
    Carlos Alvarez-1 (Florida)
    Carlos Dunlap-2 (Bengals)
    Case McCoy-2,1pc (Texas)
    Chad Brown-3 (Steelers,SHawks)
    Charles Alexander-2,1pc (LSU)
    Chris Hanburger-2 (Redskins)
    Chris Singleton-1 (Patriots)
    Chris Slade-2 (Patriots)
    Chris Weinke-3 (Heisman)(Panthers)
    Chuck Howley-3,2ic (Cowboys)
    Cliff Harris-2 (Cowboys)
    Cole Manhart-1c (Neb-Kearney)
    Colt Brennan-2,1pc (Redskins)
    Connor Barwin-2 (UCincy)
    Connor Shaw-1, 1pc (Browns)
    Correll Buckhalter-2 (Eagles,Broncos)
    Curtis Duncan-1,1ic (Oilers)
    Damon Huard-2 (Chiefs,Dolphins)
    Dan Fouts-1 (Chargers)
    Danielle Hunter-2 (LSU)
    Danny Wuerffel-2 (Florida,Saints)
    Daryl Johnston-2 (Cowboys)
    Daryl Richardson-2 (Rams)
    David Garrard-3,1pc (Jags)
    David Givens-1c (Titans)
    David Sloan-3 (Lions)
    DD Lewis-1,1ic (Cowboys)
    DeLanie Walker-1c (49ers)
    Dennis Gaubatz-1 (LSU)
    Dennis Gentry-1,1pc (Bears)
    Derek Carr-8 (USC,Raiders)
    Derrick Deese-1c (49ers)
    Desmond Howard-4 (Packers,Michigan)
    Dezmon Briscoe-1c (Kansas St)
    Dick Anderson-1 (Dolphins)
    Dick Butkus-2 (Bears)
    Dominique Easley-2c (Florida)
    Don Beebe-2 (Bills)
    Don Mosebar-2 (Raiders)
    Dorne Dibble-2 (Mich St)
    Doug Brien-1,1ic (49ers)
    Doug Johnson-1 (Bucs)
    Dwayne Harper-1 (Seahawks)
    Dwight Stone-1 (Steelers)
    Ed Budde-2,1pc,2ic (Mich St)
    Ed Too Tall Jones-2 (Cowboys)
    Ed McCaffrey-3 (Broncos)
    Ed Reynolds III-1,2ic (Eagles)
    Ed Stinson-1,1ic (Alabama)
    Eddie LeBaron-1,1ic (Cowboys)
    EJ Holub-1, 1ic (Chiefs)
    Eli Manning-3 (Ole Miss, Giants)
    Eric Ebron-1c (North Carolina)
    Eric Martin-1 (LSU)
    Eric Metcalf-6 (Browns,Falcons)
    Eric Moulds-4 (Bills)
    Eric Zeier-2 (Georgia,Ravens)
    Felix Wright-1,1pc (Browns)
    Fred Marion-1 (Patriots)
    Fred Miller-2,1ic (LSU)
    Gabe Holmes-1c (Purdue)
    Gale Sayers-1 (Bears)
    Garrison Hearst-1 (49ers)
    Gary Reasons-1 (Giants)
    George Seifert-2 (49ers)
    Gerald Williams-1 (Steelers
    Gilbert Brown-1,1ic (Packers)
    Giovanni Carmazzi-2 (49ers)
    Greg Jennings-3 (Packers,Vikings)
    Greg McMurtry-1 (Patriots)
    Guy McIntyre-1,1ic (49ers)
    Hardy Nickerson-2 (Bucs)
    Hassan Jones-1 (Vikings)
    Henry Josey-2 (Missouri)
    Herm Edwards-1 (Eagles)
    Herschel Walker-2 (Vikings)
    Jack Del Rio-2 (Cowboys,Vikings)
    Jacob Tamme-2 (Colts)
    James Lofton-1 (Bills)
    James Stewart-2 (Jags,Lions)
    Jason Hill-1c (49ers)
    Jay Schroeder-1 (raiders)
    Jeff Feagles-1,1pc,1ic (Giants)
    Jeff George-6,4mc (Colts,Falcons,Skins,Vikings)
    Jeff Janis-2 (Packers,Saginaw)
    Jeff Lageman-1 (Jets)
    Jerrick McKinnon-3 (Georgia Southern)
    Jerry Stovall-1,1ic (LSU)
    Jessie Hester-1,2ic (Colts)
    Jevan Snead-1c, 2 (Ole Miss)
    Jim Druckenmiller-1 (49ers)
    Jim Everett-3 (Rams,Saints)
    Jim Fahnhorst-1,1ic (49ers)
    Jim Langer-1 (Dolphins)
    Jim Sorgi-2 (Colts)
    Jim Zorn-1,1pc,1ic (Seahawks)
    Joe Andruzzi-1 8x10 (Patriots)
    Joe DeLameilluere-1 (Mich St)
    Joe Jacoby-2 (Redskins)
    Joey Porter-3 (Dolphins)
    John Friesz-5,1pc,1ic (Seahawks,Chargers)
    John Lynch-2 (Broncos)
    John Niland-1 (Cowboys)
    John Offerdahl-2 (Dolphins)
    John Reaves-1,1pc,1ic (Florida)
    Johnny Robinson-4,4ic (LSU,Chiefs)
    JoJo Townsell-2 (Jets)
    Jon Kitna-1 (Seahawks)
    Jordan Rodgers-1c (Vanderbilt)
    Jordy Nelson-2 (Packers)
    Keenan McCardell-4 (Jaguars)
    Keith Millard-1 (Vikings)
    Keith Willis-2, 2pc (Steelers)
    Kevin Butler-2 (Bears)
    Kevin Dyson-2 (Titans)
    Kevin Mack-1,1pc (Browns)
    Ken Stabler-1 (Raiders)
    Kordell Stewart-5 (Steelers)
    Kyle Brady-3 (Jets,Jags)
    Larry Cole-1,1ic (Cowboys)
    Larry Johnson-3 (Chiefs)
    Larry Little-1 (Dolphins)
    Lawrence Taylor-2 (Giants)
    Lee Johnson-1 (Bengals)
    LeRoy Butler-2 (Packers)
    Louis Oliver-2 (Dolphins,Bengals)
    Luke Kuechly-2 (Panthers)
    Manny Fernandez-2 (Dolphins)
    Mario Williams-2 (Texans,Bills)
    Mark Brunell-3 (Jags)
    Mark Carrier (WR)-3 (Bucs)
    Mark Kelso-1 (Bills)
    Markus Paul-1 (Bears)
    Matt Jones-2 (Jags,Arkansas)
    Matt Moore-1 4x6 (Dolphins)
    Matt Prater-3 (Broncos)
    Matt Schaub-3, 1ic (Texans)
    Matt Snell-2, 2ic (Jets)
    Merril Hoge-3, 1ic (Steelers)
    Merton Hanks-2 (49ers)
    Mervyn Fernandez-3 (Raiders)
    Michael Haynes-2 (Saints)
    Mike Horan-2 (Broncos)
    Mike Hull-1c (Penn State)
    Mike Kenn-1 (Falcons)
    Mike McCarthy-1 (Packers)
    Mike Mularkey-1 (Steelers)
    Mike Nolan-1,1ic (49ers)
    Mike Rozier-1 (Falcons)
    Mike Vrabel-2 (Patriots)
    Mike Wagner-3 (Steelers)
    Mike Williams-2c (Illinois)
    Montori Hughes-1c (UT Martin)
    MyCole Pruitt-1c (Southern Illinois)
    Nate Odomes-1pc (Bills)
    Ozzie Newsome-1 (Browns)
    Pat Swilling-1 (Saints)
    Paul Posluszny-3 (Bills,Jags)
    Randy Cross-4 (49ers)
    Rashaan Salaam-1,1ic (Bears)
    Ray Wersching-1, 2ic (49ers)
    Raymond Berry-4, 2ic (Colts)
    Raymont Harris-3 (Bears)
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    Reggie Langhorne-1,1pc (Browns)
    Rodney Holman-1 (Bengals)
    Roger Craig-4 (49ers)
    Ron Rivera-2 (Bears,Panthers)
    Ryan Kerrigan-1 (Redskins)
    Ryan Shazier-1x(8x10) (Steelers)
    Ryan Tannehill-1 (Texas A&M)
    Scott Case-1 (Falcons)
    Sean Landeta-1 (Giants)
    Shaun Alexander-3 (Seahawks)
    Stan Humphries-1,1pc (Chargers)
    Stephen Gostkowski-1,1pc (Patriots)
    Stephone Paige-2 (Chiefs)
    Sterling Sharpe-2 (Packers)
    Steve Bono-1 (Chiefs)
    Steve Broussard-1 (Falcons)
    Steve Garvey-1 (Mich St)
    Steve Grogan-2, 1ic (Patriots)
    Steve Wallace-2 (49ers)
    Steve Walsh-2 (Heisman)(Saints)
    Steve Wisniewski-1,1pc (Raiders)
    Taylor Mays-1c (49ers)
    Terry McDaniel-1 (Raiders)
    Terry Robiskie-2 (LSU)
    Tim Biakabutuka-3 (Panthers)
    Tim Dwight-3,1ic (Falcons)
    Tim Harris-5 (Packers,Eagles)
    Tommy Casanova-1,1ic (LSU)
    Tommy Hodson-2 (LSU)
    Tom Flores-1 (Raiders)
    Tom Rathman-2 (49ers)
    Tom Yewcic-2,2ic (Mich St)
    Tony Dungy-2 8x10 (Colts)
    Tony Gonzalez-2 (Chiefs,Falcons)
    Tony Mandarich-2 (Michigan St, Packers)
    Trae Waynes-1, 3ic (Michigan St)
    Trent Green-3 (Rams, Chiefs)
    Tunch Ilkin-1 (Steelers)
    Ty Detmer-2 (Eagles)
    Warrick Dunn-1 (Falcons)
    Wayne Haddix-1 (Bucs)
    Wendell Harris-2,1ic (LSU)
    Wesley Walls-2 (Panthers)
    Will Shields-2 (Chiefs)
    William Floyd-3 (49ers)
    Willie Clark-1c (ND)
    Willie McGinest-3 (Patriots)
    Winston Hill-1, 2ic (Jets)
    Winston Moss-1 (Raiders)
    YA Tittle-3,1ic (LSU, Giants, 49ers)

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    Baseball Autographs

    Adam Dunn-1 (Reds)
    Adam Kennedy-1 (Cardinals)
    <traded to Hunter> Adam LaRoche-1 (Braves)
    Andre Dawson-1 (Expos)
    Andy Benes-2 (Cards,DBacks)
    Aubrey Huff-1 (Giants)
    Barry Larkin-1 (Reds)
    Ben McDonald-1 (LSU)
    Bill Mueller-1 (Red Sox)
    Bobby Doerr-1 (Red Sox)
    Bobby Witt-1 (Rangers)
    Brett Butler-2, 1ic (Indians,Giants)
    Brian Schlitter-2 (Cubs)
    Bud Selig-1 (Commissioner)
    Chien-Ming Wang-2 (Yankees)
    Chris Speier-1 (Cubs,Giants)
    Cory Snyder-3 (Indians)
    Danny Tartabull-2 (Yankees,Royals)
    Darren Daulton-1 (Phillies)
    Dave Henderson-1 ( Red Sox)
    Dave Righetti-1 (Yankees)
    David Murphy-2 (Indians,Rangers)
    Don Baylor-1 (Red Sox)
    Eddie Taubensee-4 (Reds,Astros)
    Edwin Jackson-1 (Nationals)
    Fernando Vina-1 (Cardinals)
    Frank Tanana-3 (Tigers)
    Goose Gossage-1 (Rangers)
    Greg Brock-1 (Brewers)
    Gregory Polanco-1 (Pirates)
    Jamie Moyer-2 (Cubs,Mariners)
    Jay Bell-1 (Pirates)
    Jed Lowrie-2 (A's,Astros)
    Jimmy Key-1 (Blue Jays)
    Joe Carter-2 (Indians)
    Johnny Ray-2 (Pirates,Angels)
    Jon Lieber-1 (Phillies)
    Jordy Mercer-1 4x6 (Pirates)
    Josh Hamilton-1 (Rangers)
    Juan Samuel-2 (Phillies)
    Justin Grimm-1 (Cubs)
    Ken McMullen-1 (Senators)
    Kevin Bass-3,3ic (Astros)
    Kyle Farnsworth-1 (Yankees)
    Les Lancaster-2 (Cubs)
    Lonnie Smith-1, 1ic (Braves)
    Luis Gonzalez-1 (Dbacks)
    Mark Gubicza-1,1pc (Royals)
    Mark Loretta-2 (A's, Brewers)
    Matt Barnes-1 (Red Sox)
    Matt Harrison-1 (Rangers)
    Matt Williams-1 (Giants)
    Mike Cameron-3 (Brewers,Padres)
    Mike Lieberthal-1,1ic (Phillies)
    Mike Mussina-1 (Yankees)
    Neil Walker-1 (Pirates)
    Pat Neshek-1 (A's)
    Paul Konerko-1 (white sox)
    Pete Rose-1c (Reds)
    Rick Cerone-1 (Red Sox)
    Rick Honeycutt-1 (A's)
    Ron Darling-2 (Mets)
    Ryan Church-2 (Mets)
    Sid Bream-1 (Pirates)
    Tim Burke-2 (Expos)
    Tom Brunansky-2 (Cards,Twins)
    Tony LaRussa-2 (A's,Cardinals)
    Tony Oliva-1 (Twins)
    Vernon Wells-1 (Yankees)
    Wade Boggs-2 (Red Sox)
    Will Clark-1 (Giants)
    Zane Smith-1 (Braves)

    Boggs gone

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    Hockey Autographs

    Al MacInnis-1 (Flames)
    Alex Tanguay-1c (Avalanche)
    Alexei Yashin-1 (Senators)
    Bernie Parent-1(4x6) (Flyers)
    Bobby Hull-1,1ic (Jets)
    Bryan Bickell-1 (Blackhawks)
    Claude LeMeieux-1 (Devils)
    Chris Chelios-1 (Blackhawks)
    Chris Drury-1,1c (Avalanche)
    Chris Pronger-2 (Ducks)
    Daniel Briere-2 (Flyers)
    Darryl Sittler-1 (Maple Leafs)
    Gordie Howe-1 (Red Wings)
    Guy LaFleur-1,1pc (Canadiens)
    John LeClair-1 (Flyers)
    Marty Turco-2 (Stars)
    Mike Modano-1 (Stars)
    Olaf Kolzig-2 (Capitals)
    Pascal Dupuis-1 (Penguins)
    Paul Bourque-1 (Penguins)
    Peter Stastny-1 (Nordiques)
    Rick MacLeish-1 (Flyers)
    Rogie Vachon-1 (Kings)
    Scotty Bowman-1,1ic (RedWings)
    Stu Barnes-1 (Jets)
    Tomas Vokoun-1 (Penguins)
    Troy Loney-1 (Penguins)

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    have 1985 topps wwf

    2x2 6 9 14 21 24 33 35 41 x 2 42 x2 43x2 44 45 47x2 48x2 50 52 x2 54x2 59 63 64x3 65

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    Sorry man. I need 7 & 10 on the 85's.

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    I have Tommy Dreamer, Shelton Benjamin, and Scotty 2 Hotty.

    Also, who's card is that in the first baseball pic? It looks like a female.

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    I have Tommy Dreamer, Shelton Benjamin, and Scotty 2 Hotty.

    Also, who's card is that in the first baseball pic? It looks like a female.

    that's a Topps total basketball Jenny McCarthy card I got signed.

    What kind of Dreamer, Benjamin and Scotty do you have?

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    Its actually 2 Benjamins, Dreamer, and Brian Kendrick. I'm not sure exactly what year or brand they are. I can send you pics through twitter or email tonight if you want.

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    Have sent a couple PMs.

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