The 2015-16 season is the 25th for the San Jose Sharks. Over the past 25 years, I built an impressive Sharks collection. Although I down-sized earlier this year eliminating most parallels and inserts, I maintain a base card collection which grows with each new release.

This thread continues my Show and Tell of Sharks rookie cards through the years. Due to the time involved with pulling, listing, scanning, uploading, and composing I am planning to post one year every few days. You will see only Sharks rookie cards. My collection does not include any non NHL cards. So you will not see, for example, Patrick Marleau. Also, you will not see cards of any players moving to the Sharks after having rookie cards, such as Joe Thornton.

This thread includes “RC” (true rookie cards) and “XRC” (not really true rookie cards) designations. By the time these threads are completed, you should see every Sharks rookie card except one. If anyone has a 2001-02 Titanium #180 Jeff Jillson/5, I would like to hear from you.

On with the show. Here are the 18 Sharks rookie cards from 2011-12.

2011-12 Artifacts #225 Harri Sateri RC (164/699)
2011-12 Black Diamond #243 Harri Sateri RC
2011-12 Certified #260 Harri Sateri JSY AU RC (117/299)
2011-12 Crown Royale #135 Harri Sateri RC
2011-12 Dominion #173 Harri Sateri JSY AU RC (006/199)
2011-12 Elite #234 Harri Sateri RC (296/999)
2011-12 Panini Contenders #189 Harri Sateri RC (265/999)
2011-12 Panini Prime #154 Harri Sateri JSY AU RC (109/199)
2011-12 Panini Rookie Anthology #129 Harri Sateri JSY AU RC (280/499)

2011-12 Panini Titanium #163 Harri Sateri RC (22/35)
2011-12 Pinnacle #280 Harri Sateri RC
2011-12 Score #569 Harri Sateri HR SP RC (ERR, no card # on back)
2011-12 SP Authentic #241 Harri Sateri AU RC (842/999)
2011-12 SP Game Used #166 Harri Sateri RC (612/699)
2011-12 The Cup #135 Harri Sateri JSY AU RC (095/249)
2011-12 Ultimate Collection #115 Harri Sateri AU RC (189/299)
2011-12 Upper Deck #238 Harri Sateri YG RC
2011-12 Upper Deck Canvas #C112 Harri Sateri YG XRC

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