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Thread: Bonds' 715h HR ball sold

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    Funny. I wonder if he gets more PRE the BONDS mess. Have to feel buyers at least some have backed off due to it all. I HAVE..

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    I am sure it would have sold for more if there wasn't the Bonds Roids issue. Back before it all came out I had a Bonds Topps Traded PSA 10 RC, I paid about $200 for it and sold it for about $350.

    Last night I was looking on eBay around 3AM or so, and there was a Bonds PSA 10 Traded RC on at $99 starting bid with ZERO BIDS!!!

    Now, if there wasn't all the stuff going on I would have for sure bought that, tough grade for an old card (many are off centered). I doubt it sold.

    I hope he never breaks "THE RECORD" because I don't think it would be legit if he did and I would still consider Aaron and Ruth as the best of all time.


    Still though, I wouldn't mind $200K+ for something that I didn't pay for

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