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    Still looking for the following former Jazz player autos

    The players must be in a Jazz Uni. I only need one auto of these players.

    Bud Stallworth - 06 Topps Style 52
    Carlos Arroyo
    Chris Morris
    Jacque Vaughn
    Jarron Collins*
    Louie Nelson - 06 Topps Style 52
    Mark Eaton
    Quincy Lewis
    Raul Lopez
    Scott Padgett

    Also lookin for finest xrc redemption card #14 Ronnie Brewer. Any John Stockton or Karl Malone auto.

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    I have a Chris Morris autographics card. Do you have anything from my wantlist?

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    Shawn Bradley 76 - I dont have much in the way of Bradley, Bol, Barros etc. About the closest thing I have that you might be interested in are some Dirk rookies: Topps Chrome, Ultra,Skybox, and I think an UD rookie.

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    I don't need Dirk rc's. Do you have any Mavs players autos or patches?

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    Sorry Im clean out of Mavs, I have a buddy to takes all my Mavs stuff.

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    i have an AK47 rookie matrix mini auto...oh i guess yo already have it

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