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    want to buy a nice Carr RC and Manning RC

    want a carr rc between 10 and 40 dollars....Will consider best offers.......

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    Manning RCs

    I have topps Stars and Bowman Chrome. 50%

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    manning Rc

    I have these:

    Peyton Manning RC-98 Upper Deck #1(2 cards) BV $30 EA

    for sale $15 each.

    David Carr RC-2002 U.D. Ovation #98(91/1325) BV $25

    for sale $10

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    what condition are they in. I sent you a pm. No dings on corners or borders and clean surface is my expectations basically perfect to the human eye. Also not miscut/centering. What Is the Chrome value and what do you want for it...


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    Chrome is $25 I need $13 Dlvd you will like the card, what others do you want?

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    I will take the Manning Bowman Chrome I sent you a PM with my address..Could you send tomorrow as well. If not thats fine, it would just be cool since I have taken so much pride in gaining peoples trust around here. I will send tomorrow or if you have paypal I can pay that way.


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