lax base card red parallel sp/10
expired redemption card for auto picture of a tna star

hector guerrero auto x2
hermie sadler auto
chris sabin auto
sharmell auto
Christian cage auto inscribed instant classic
johnny devine auto x2
eric young auto inscribed showtime
sonjay dutt auto
suicide auto
brother dvon auto inscribed team 3d
sonjay dutt auto inscribed the guru
kip james auto
lance rock auto
willie urbina auto
bobby roode auto
kevin nash auto inscribed big sexy
kevin nash auto
jay lethal auto inscribed black machismo
Karen angle auto
mike tenay auto
Christy hemme auto sp/50
shiek Abdul bashier auto sp/50
taylor wilde auto sp/50
roxxi auto sp/50
hector guerrero auto sp/50
sonjay dutt auto sp/50
jacquline auto sp/50
lance rock auto sp/50
sharmell auto sp/50
Andrew Thomas auto sp/50
eric young auto inscribed showtime sp/50
Angelina love auto sp/50
shane sewell auto sp/25
johnny devine auto sp/25
abyss auto gu sp/99
kurt angle auto gu sp/99
odb auto gu sp/99
super eric auto gu sp/99
raisha saeed auto gu sp/99 x2
socal val auto gu sp/50
Christy hemme auto gu sp/50
odb auto gu sp/50
Christian cage auto gu sp/50
abyss auto gu sp/50
Jeremy borash auto gu sp/50
velvet sky auto gu sp/50

jay lethal sonjay dutt dual gu sp/99
Christian cage gu sp/99
shiek Abdul bashir gu sp/99
Dixie carter gu sp/50
taylor wilde gu sp/99
beautiful people gu sp/50
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kurt angle gu sp/99
sting auto gu sp/99
sting dual gu sp/50
sting auto sp/50
sting red parallel base #77 sp/10
sting red parallel base #8 sp/10
red parallel quad auto sting ,kevin nash, jeff Jarrett, scott steiner sp/25
jeff Jarrett auto sp/50
jay lethal auto sp/25
abyss auto sp/25
kurt angle auto sp/25
Christian cage auto sp/5
socal val auto gu sp/5
curry man auto gu sp/5
Angelina love and velvet sky dual auto sp/25
kurt angle and aj styles dual auto sp/25
Angelina love, velvet sky, awesome kong, jacquline quad auto sp/5
Christy hemme, lance rock, jimmy rave triple auto sp/5
sonjay dutt printing plate 1/1
hector guerrero printing plate auto 1/1
kurt angle printing plate 1/1
homicide purple auto 1/1