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Thread: Want to buy Cowboys autographs

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    Want to buy Cowboys autographs

    got about $30 paypal to spend. looking for most (but not all) cowboys players. paying up to 50% bv dlvd.....also looking for white sox, dwight howard, and jameer nelson.

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    cnb1027- I need the paypal, I could let one or two of these go depending on what you like, LMK

    1999 SP Signature Edition Ed 'Too Tall' Jones auto #EJ
    2001 Topps Archives 'Rookie Reprint Auto' Ed 'Too Tall' Jones auto
    2002 Topps 'Ring of Honor Auto' Chuck Howley auto #RH-CH
    2003 Donruss Classics 'Significant Signatures' Herschel Walker auto #119 Ser.# 186/200
    2003 Playoff Contenders 'Rookie Ticket' Tony Romo RC auto #156 Ser.# 109/999
    2004 Fleer Authentix 'Balcony' Jason Witten auto jersey #AJA-JW2 Ser.# 14/50 !!! (white jsy)
    2004 Leaf Cert. Materials Patrick Crayton RC auto #180 Ser.# 0432/1000
    2004 Fleer Authentix Drew Henson RC/Bill Parcells auto #133 Ser.# 080/250
    2004 Sweet Spot 'Sweet Spot Signatures' Randy White auto #SS-RW
    2004 U.D. Legends 'Legendary Signatures' Drew Pearson auto #LS-DP
    2004 Fleer GOTG 'Gold Border Autographs' Bob Lilly #GBA-BL
    2005 U.D. Legends 'Legendary Signatures' Ed 'Too Tall' Jones #LS-EJ
    2005 Contenders Tyson Thompson RC auto #195
    2005 Leaf R&S Longevity 'Sunday Signatures GOLD' Herschel Walker #SS-20 Ser.# 16/37!!!
    2005 Leaf R&S 'Rookie Autographs' Marion Barber RC #234 Ser.# 101/150
    2005 SPA 'Scripts For Success' Marion Barber RC auto #SS-MA
    2005 Playoff Absolute Memorabilia 'Tools of the Trade Auto Black' Troy Aikman #TT-96 Ser.# 12/25 !!! (blue jsy and black ink auto)
    2006 Press Pass Skyler Green RC auto red ink

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    2006 Donruss Classics Miles Austin Auto Rookie Card #170 – 444/999

    i got this. nothing high end but he is a cowboy. $6 dlvd.

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