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    Can't buy so looking for a trade

    i cant buy because of some recent troubles, but i want to keep trading here if any body has any sort of white sox cards post what u have and give me the team or teams that u r interested in i can give u a list or check out my site they r all there.......also looking for blackhawks cards in hockey so if there r any baseball-hockey traders like me let me no what u got

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    I can probably dig up some extra White Sox cards, plenty of Thomas dupes for trade...have any #'d cards you'd be willing to trade?

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    yea i got quite a few i was gonna go pull out all the numbered cards yesterday but ill do that today for ya i probably have around 10 of them ill get back to u in a few minutes

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    ok sorry i thought i had more but i have these few
    -2004 Topps Darrel May #ed 1191/2004
    -2004 Topps Brad Lidge #ed 1479/2004
    -2003 UD Victory Jim Edmonds #ed 472/650
    -2003 UD MVP Livan Hernandez #ed 1632/1997
    -2005 Donruss Throwback Threads Brandon Webb GU bat #ed 144/250
    -2003 Topps Darrell Rasner #ed 1337/2003 RC
    -2002 Fleer Reed Johnson #ed 0119/1500 RC
    -1997 UD Ken Griffey Jr. #ed 1140/5000 (5" X 3 1/2")

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    yes interested what r u looking for in return? take a look at my bucket and trade page if ur looking for gu's i got a few i think a few numbered cards and a lot of rookie cards

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    I like the Berkman gu, Blalock gu, and the Brandon Webb gu. lmk

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    alright sounds good can u tell me the bv on the konerko auto here is the numbers on the 1's u wanted

    brandon webb $6.00
    lance berkman $8.00
    hank blalock $12.00

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    alright can u just give me the line on the card i will gladly look it up for u

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