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    Multi Colored Patches FS!!! Oritz, and other stars and hof'ers! SCANS!

    Hey guys looking to get a little money , and im tryin to get rid of all my cards also. so here are some pics of the tryin to sell them!
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    then there is also another which is a thome 2 color patch...
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    how much for the thome, tejada, and the palmer indivulay and as a lot?


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    The thome books at 25..i can sell that for $10.

    The Tejada book sat 30, which is a little nicer than the thome and I can do that for $12.

    And the Palmer is /5, and i got it for around 25. But I gotten a little close to it, lol. But I can do that for 30

    As a lot sense, i guess i can do 45.PLMK if you like anything for the prices

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    I need the ortiz, do you trade?and if so wat players are u looking for?

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