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    The Houston Texans had to shut down practice.

    The Houston Texans were ready for there regular practice and someone noticed a white substance in the opponents end that they had never saw before. Practice was delayed until the FBI could investigate. Upon investigation the FBI determined the white substance to be the oponents goal line!

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    Naw I read soething like that about the Saskatchewan roughriders in canada........I kind of stole it but thought it would make a few people laugh in the US. I don't think the Texans did very well last season and thought they fit the bill.

    I just like to share.


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    That one had been going around for a while, but with different teams. still funny though!

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    Q - What do you call a bunch of guys sitting around watching the Super Bowl?

    A - The Philadelphia Eagles

    Q - How do you keep the Philadelphia Eagles out of your yard?

    A - Put up some goalposts.

    I had a whole list of these after the Eagles lost their third straight NFC championship game.
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