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Thread: ANother Paypall question

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    ANother Paypall question

    I am now verified. I have some EBAY debts stacking up and I would like to pay them in the next couple of days. I think I am getting carpal tunnell syndrome from so writing so many addresses.

    How do I add or send money to pay some of these debts off. thank you

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    I dont know if you can send it in, but what I did was open up a bank account to use for paypal. You can just put your account number into paypal and then you can pay for things through your balance in that bank account.

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    Log in paypal acct, go to recent wins, ebay auctions.. something like that(Will be easy to see)..It'll show all outstanding auctions.

    If side deals, typing their info and sending quasi cash(your choice) is the only way to go, as I believe only the last 10 addys are saved..

    Not sure we hit your problem...Someone will be able to help with a more specific question.

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