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Thread: Can someone help me out here

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    Can someone help me out here

    I dont do football but I just found these in a box if anybody can tell me what year they are and what they book. If they are anything at all they are for trade.


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    Im sorry im a TOOL I forgot the scans they are up there now.


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    check my bucket for the staubach and the montana please!!

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    Montana looks like the RC, but Im not quite sure. Ive seen it before. Others look like pre 60-s era cards.

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    I think that is Montana's Rc...lmk if it is for trade......
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    what do you collect? i like the older football stuff. might possibly buy as well. that is a montana rc, although not in great shape. not sure on the older stuff except the 74 staubach which is a third year, i think.

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    PGWTAMU: I collect Sweet Spot autos and nice patch cards
    Viking: thanks man
    cardlover: PM replied to
    gretzky99: I collect Sweet Spot baseball autos and nice patch cards and cash if you make an offer.


    Does anybody know book values?


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    as far as i can tell, the top row are from 56 topps and they are commons really. $6 or so. the lamonica is 67 topps ($10), morrall is 69 topps (minor star), staubach is 74 topps ($25), wood is 71 topps ($2), jurgensen is 64 philly ($20) and alworth is 69 topps ($8).
    montana is the big one at $150, but in that condition, it's not worth a whole lot. but it's a cool card to have.
    if you want to sell, lmk how much you'd be looking for.

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