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    Now that Beckett is down for revamping...

    How many have made the jump over tonight?

  2. SCC - Feb 2018
  3. #2 long is that down for?? hope they hit the wrong button and screw it all up!!!

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    They're down til tomorrow night. Updating the they say.

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    updating the site? does that mean they will remove the retards? :)

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    Unfortunately, retards are everywhere.

    And on the other hand, retards are the clowns of Beckett or any messageboard - they make me laugh and smile at their stupidity.


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    Wow. Tried to get on but they must've shut down operations due to problems. Can't get on to the messageboards. Rest of Beckett works, though.

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    Raises hand :), I am becoming more familiar around here though!

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    hey TEACHERIC you gonna check out my page? i need those chips ;-) thanks

    and yea whats up with Beckett? i was cracking up that some guy on there is complaining that he's no longer a SENIOR member LOL ooohhhhh man the end is here lol

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    I'll check your pages out soon!!! LOL!!!! I'm setting up my new classroom for the coming school year so I don't have the luxury of frequenting websites like I used to!!!

    Also, I'm almost at 7,000 posts...that's good for 12th on Beckett's current list of members!!! Amazing...

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