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    FT: 2004 Upper Deck Finite HG Signatures Roy WIlliams AUTO bv $50

    LMK if you are interested...

    I really don't want to trade down on it unless it is in my favor..

    leave a site and I will get back to you!


  2. SCC - Feb 2018
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    i need it! i really like it!

    Various Collection

    1999 Playoff Contenders SSD168Cade McNown AU/1025NM-MTOwn1$20.00$7.50$20.00
    2000 Press Pass Autographs39Tim RattayNM-MTOwn1$12.00$5.00$12.00
    2000 Private Stock Private Signings31Chafie FieldsNM-MTOwn1$10.00$4.00$10.00
    2000 SAGE Autographs Red21Todd Husak/999NM-MTOwn1$8.00$3.00$8.00
    2000 SPx157Travis Prentice JSY AUNM-MTOwn1$25.00$10.00$25.00
    2000 SPx Winning MaterialsWMCMCade McNownNM-MTOwn1$20.00$7.50$20.00
    2001 Press Pass SE Autographs Bronze1Dan AlexanderNM-MTOwn1$8.00$4.00$8.00
    2002 Private Stock Game Worn Jerseys115Marco BattagliaNM-MTOwn1$8.00$3.00$8.00
    2003 Bowman Chrome201Chris SimmsNM-MTOwn1$8.00$3.00$8.00
    2003 Finest Refractors129Brian St.Pierre AUNM-MTOwn1$30.00$12.50$30.00
    2003 Press Pass Autographs Bronze4Kyle BollerNM-MTOwn1$40.00$15.00$40.00
    2003 SAGE Autographs BronzeA7Kyle Boller/490NM-MTOwn1$20.00$8.00$20.00
    2003 SP Authentic96Michael HaynesNM-MTOwn1$6.00$2.50$6.00
    2003 SP Authentic102Eddie MooreNM-MTOwn1$5.00$2.00$5.00
    2003 SP Authentic105Cortez HanktonNM-MTOwn1$5.00$2.00$5.00
    2003 SP Authentic134Keyshawn Johnson SSNM-MTOwn1$5.00$2.00$5.00
    2003 SP Authentic148Edgerrin James SSNM-MTOwn1$5.00$2.00$5.00
    2003 SP Authentic151Jason GesserNM-MTOwn1$12.00$5.00$12.00
    2003 SP Authentic163Jeremi JohnsonNM-MTOwn1$10.00$4.00$10.00
    2003 SP Authentic189Zuriel SmithNM-MTOwn1$6.00$2.50$6.00
    2003 SP Authentic210Brad PyattNM-MTOwn1$10.00$4.00$10.00
    2003 SP Authentic227Brooks Bollinger AUNM-MTOwn1$25.00$10.00$25.00
    2003 SP Authentic237LaTarence Dunbar AUNM-MTOwn1$15.00$6.00$15.00
    2003 SP Authentic241Brian St.Pierre JSYNM-MTOwn1$30.00$12.50$30.00
    2003 SP Authentic ThreadsJCCUDaunte CulpepperNM-MTOwn1$10.00$4.00$10.00
    2003 SP Authentic ThreadsJCSMSantana MossNM-MTOwn1$10.00$4.00$10.00
    2003 Topps Draft Picks and Prospects Chrome113Kyle BollerNM-MTOwn1$10.00$4.00$10.00
    2003 Topps Pristine97Kyle Boller UNM-MTOwn1$10.00$3.00$8.00
    2003 Ultra165Chris SimmsNM-MTOwn1$8.00$2.50$6.00
    2004 Bowman's Best105Reggie Williams JSYNM-MTOwn1$8.00$3.00$8.00
    2004 Fleer Hot Prospects Hot MaterialsHMRW3Reggie WilliamsNM-MTOwn1$8.00$3.00$8.00
    2004 SAGE Autographs SilverA43Reggie Williams/270NM-MTOwn1$25.00$10.00$25.00
    2004 SP Authentic Artifacts JerseysAAGJGreg JonesNM-MTOwn1$15.00$6.00$15.00
    2004 SPx201Luke McCown JSY AUNM-MTOwn1$20.00$7.50$20.00
    2004 Sweet Spot263Devard Darling AU/699NM-MTOwn1$20.00$7.50$20.00
    2004 Topps Draft Picks and Prospects Chrome122Jeff SmokerNM-MTOwn1$5.00$1.25$3.00
    2004 Topps Pristine136Reggie Williams UNM-MTOwn1$5.00$2.00$5.00
    2004 Upper Deck Foundations250Rashaun Woods JSYNM-MTOwn1$6.00$2.50$6.00
    2004 Upper Deck Foundations Signature FoundationsSFDADevard DarlingNM-MTOwn1$15.00$6.00$15.00 2005 Donruss Elite139David GreeneNM-MTOwn1$10.00$4.00$10.00
    2005 Leaf Certified Materials Gold Team Jersey12Drew BreesNM-MTOwn1$8.00$3.00$8.00
    2005 Score Inscriptions214Chad Lewis/1000NM-MTOwn1$15.00$6.00$15.00
    2005 Topps Chrome Gold Xfractors182Stefan LeForsNM-MTOwn1$15.00$6.00$15.00

    Kliff Kingsbury

    2003 Absolute Memorabilia156 Kliff Kingsbury RPMNM-MTOwn1$12.00$4.00$10.00
    2003 Bowman215 Kliff KingsburyNM-MTOwn1$1.25$0.50$1.25
    2003 Finest130 Kliff Kingsbury AUNM-MTOwn1$15.00$6.00$15.00
    2003 Leaf Certified Materials156 Kliff Kingsbury JSYNM-MTOwn1$8.00$3.00$8.00
    2003 Playoff Contenders132 Kliff Kingsbury AU/879NM-MTOwn1$25.00$7.50$20.00
    2003 Press Pass6 Kliff KingsburyNM-MTOwn1$1.00$0.30$0.75
    2003 Press Pass JE23 Kliff KingsburyNM-MTOwn1$1.00$0.30$0.75
    2003 SAGE HIT16 Kliff KingsburyNM-MTOwn1$1.00$0.30$0.75
    2003 SP Authentic251 Kliff Kingsbury JSYNM-MTOwn1$30.00$10.00$25.00
    2003 SP Authentic ThreadsJCKK Kliff KingsburyNM-MTOwn1$8.00$3.00$8.00
    2003 SPx198 Kliff Kingsbury JSY AUNM-MTOwn1$25.00$10.00$25.00
    2003 SPx198 Kliff Kingsbury JSY AUNM-MTOwn1$25.00$10.00$25.00
    2003 SPx Supreme SignaturesSSKL Kliff KingsburyNM-MTOwn1$20.00$7.50$20.00
    2003 Topps320 Kliff KingsburyNM-MTOwn1$1.25$0.40$1.00
    2003 Topps All American113 Kliff KingsburyNM-MTOwn1$3.00$1.00$2.50
    2003 Topps All American Foil113 Kliff KingsburyNM-MTOwn1$5.00$1.50$4.00
    2003 Topps Draft Picks and Prospects161 Kliff KingsburyNM-MTOwn1$1.50$0.50$1.25
    2003 Upper Deck Pros and Prospects131Kingsbury AUS.BaughNM-MTOwn1$20.00$7.50$20.00
    2003 Upper Deck Rookie PremiereRP6 Kliff KingsburyNM-MTOwn1$1.50$0.60$1.50

    Dave Ragone

    2003 Absolute Memorabilia155 Dave Ragone RPMNM-MTOwn1$12.00$5.00$12.00
    2003 Bowman180 Dave RagoneNM-MTOwn1$1.50$0.60$1.50
    2003 Bowman's Best96 Dave Ragone JSYNM-MTOwn1$6.00$2.50$6.00
    2003 Donruss Elite Turn of the Century Autographs105 Dave RagoneNM-MTWant1$40.00$15.00$40.00
    2003 Fleer Tradition282JoppDavis RC/RagNM-MTOwn1$2.50$1.00$2.50
    2003 Leaf Certified Materials155 Dave Ragone JSYNM-MTOwn1$8.00$3.00$8.00
    2003 Leaf Certified Materials Mirror Red155 Dave RagoneNM-MTOwn1$12.00$5.00$12.00
    2003 Leaf Certified Materials Mirror SignaturesMS24 Dave Ragone/100NM-MTWant1$25.00$10.00$25.00
    2003 Leaf Limited Contenders Preview Autographs130 Dave Ragone/10NM-MTOwn1N/AN/AN/A
    2003 Leaf Limited Gold Spotlight138 Dave Ragone AUNM-MTWant1N/AN/AN/A
    2003 Leaf Rookies and Stars255 Dave Ragone JSYNM-MTOwn1$6.00$2.50$6.00
    2003 Leaf Rookies and Stars Freshman Orientation JerseyFO5 Dave RagoneNM-MTOwn1$6.00$2.50$6.00
    2003 Leaf Rookies and Stars Initial Steps ShoeIS5 Dave RagoneNM-MTOwn1$12.00$5.00$12.00
    2003 Leaf Rookies and Stars Rookie Autographs255 Dave Ragone JSYNM-MTOwn1$30.00$12.50$30.00
    2003 Playoff Contenders130 Dave Ragone AU/344NM-MTOwn1$25.00$7.50$20.00
    2003 Playoff Prestige155 Dave RagoneNM-MTOwn1$3.00$1.25$3.00
    2003 Press Pass9 Dave RagoneNM-MTOwn1$1.00$0.40$1.00
    2003 Press Pass Autographs Bronze46 Dave RagoneNM-MTOwn1$15.00$6.00$15.00
    2003 Press Pass Big NumbersBN25 Dave RagoneNM-MTOwn1$1.25$0.50$1.25
    2003 Press Pass Gold ZoneG9 Dave RagoneNM-MTOwn1$1.50$0.60$1.50
    2003 Press Pass JE31 Dave RagoneNM-MTOwn1$1.00$0.40$1.00
    2003 Press Pass JE Class of
    2003 Autographs9 Dave RagoneNM-MTOwn1$20.00$7.50$20.00
    2003 Press Pass JE Rookie VisionRV9 Dave RagoneNM-MTOwn1$1.25$0.50$1.25
    2003 Press Pass JE Up CloseUC5 Dave RagoneNM-MTOwn1$1.50$0.60$1.50
    2003 Press Pass TorquersT9 Dave Ragone NM-MTOwn1$2.00$0.75$2.00
    2003 SAGE HIT15 Dave RagoneNM-MTOwn1$1.00$0.40$1.00
    2003 SAGE Jerseys Player ProofsSJ12 Dave RagoneNM-MTOwn1N/AN/AN/A
    2003 Score280 Dave RagoneNM-MTOwn1$1.25$0.50$1.25
    2003 SP Authentic261 Dave Ragone JSY AUNM-MTOwn1$80.00$25.00$60.00
    2003 SP Authentic Gold261 Dave Ragone JSY AUNM-MTOwn1$150.00$60.00$150.00
    2003 SP Game Used Edition93 Dave RagoneNM-MTOwn1$12.00$5.00$12.00
    2003 SPx212 Dave Ragone JSY AUNM-MTOwn1$40.00$12.50$30.00
    2003 Topps385 Dave RagoneNM-MTOwn1$1.25$0.50$1.25
    2003 Topps All American Foil135 Dave RagoneNM-MTOwn1$5.00$2.00$5.00
    2003 Topps Chrome240 Dave RagoneNM-MTOwn1$8.00$3.00$8.00
    2003 Topps Draft Picks and Prospects145 Dave RagoneNM-MTOwn1$1.50$0.60$1.50
    2003 Topps Draft Picks and Prospects Collegiate CutsCCDR Dave Ragone FNM-MTOwn1$10.00$4.00$10.00
    2003 Topps Total507 Dave RagoneNM-MTOwn1$1.25$0.50$1.25
    2003 Upper Deck245 Dave RagoneNM-MTOwn1$8.00$3.00$8.00
    2003 Upper Deck Finite JerseysFJDR Dave RagoneNM-MTOwn1$8.00$3.00$8.00
    2003 Upper Deck Honor Roll Dean's ListDLDR Dave RagoneNM-MTOwn1$10.00$4.00$10.00
    2003 Upper Deck Honor Roll Silver9 Dave RagoneNM-MTOwn1$8.00$3.00$8.00
    2003 Upper Deck Pros and Prospects138 RagoneBrnll AU/500NM-MTOwn1$40.00$15.00$40.00
    2003 Upper Deck P& P Game Day Jersey DualsDJCRK Ragone/KingsburyNM-MTOwn1$15.00$6.00$15.00
    2003 Upper Deck Standing O Rookies5 Dave RagoneNM-MTOwn1$3.00$1.25$3.00

    Josh Heupel

    2001 Absolute Memorabilia174Josh Heupel RPMNM-MTOwn1$15.00$6.00$15.00
    2001 Crown Royale181Josh Heupel/500NM-MTOwn1$20.00$7.50$20.00
    2001 Fleer Focus202Josh HeupelNM-MTOwn1$5.00$2.00$5.00
    2001 Fleer Game Time126Josh HeupelNM-MTOwn1$4.00$1.50$4.00
    2001 Fleer Hot Prospects Draft Day Postmarks Autographs5Josh HeupelNM-MTOwn1$20.00$7.50$20.00 2001 Leaf Rookies and Stars211Josh HeupelNM-MTOwn1$8.00$3.00$8.00
    2001 Pacific516Josh Heupel/1000NM-MTOwn1$6.00$2.50$6.00
    2001 Pacific516Josh Heupel/1000NM-MTOwn1$6.00$2.50$6.00
    2001 Press Pass7Josh HeupelNM-MTOwn1$0.75$0.30$0.75
    2001 Press Pass ReflectorsR7Josh HeupelNM-MTOwn1$5.00$2.00$5.00
    2001 Press Pass ReflectorsR7Josh HeupelNM-MTOwn1$5.00$2.00$5.00
    2001 Press Pass SE10Josh HeupelNM-MTOwn1$0.75$0.30$0.75
    2001 Press Pass SE Autographs Bronze13Josh HeupelNM-MTOwn1$8.00$4.00$8.00
    2001 Press Pass SE Gold10Josh HeupelNM-MTOwn1$1.50$0.60$1.50
    \2001 Press Pass SE Gold10Josh HeupelNM-MTOwn1$1.50$0.60$1.50
    2001 Private Stock137Josh HeupelNM-MTOwn1$20.00$7.50$20.00
    2001 Topps331Josh HeupelNM-MTOwn1$1.25$0.50$1.25
    2001 Ultra College Greats Previews Autographs15Josh HeupelNM-MTOwn1$25.00$10.00$25.00
    2001 Upper Deck Vintage235Josh HeupelNM-MTOwn1$1.25$0.50$1.25
    2001 Upper Deck Vintage235Josh HeupelNM-MTOwn1$1.25$0.50$1.25

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    hollywood - nothing sorry

    roefan - only thing I saw were the Montana, frave, aikman, and Caddy RC's

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    Quote Originally Posted by vannestjc
    Check my page for the Roy.

    Really only stuff I liked was all you Broncos Auto's and GU's..... The Williams is pending right nbnow with another guy but LMK iof you would trade one of your Broncos cards..

    BTW - Awesome broncos Collection! I am jealous!

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    Anquan Boldin Zenith Z Graphs
    is this authentic?
    If so for this and the Williams
    I will offer you a 2003 Press Pass Silver Auto Byron Leftwhich /200 Bv $80
    I would be trading down in your favor.

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