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    my small basketball trade list.

    looking for baseball and hockey.

    1993 Classic LP1 Chris Webber EX
    1993 Classic LP2 Shaquille O'Neal NM
    1993 Classic Preview 1/17500 Jamal Mashburn NM-MT
    1993 Topps Gold #362 Shaquille O'Neal NM

    ..more to come once located..

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    only flaw is vertical centering. 65/35ish.

    tho im not sure how much is intended in the design.

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    As long as the corners arent banged up,I'll still trade for it.What are you looking for in trade?

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    No hockey at all.No good Baseball,just a few lying around from mixed boxes I purchased.

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    youll have to make an offer of something then.

    im new to the cardcash thing. but i'd be willing to sell it as well.

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    Well sorry I dont have any CardCash or PayPal at the moment.Take a look at my Photobucket (Link in Sig).It needs updated but see if anything you like in there.

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    didnt see anything, I do not like basketball. Not even sure who most of the players are that you have.

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    I do have a complete set of '91 Baseball Classic Draft Picks. Still Sealed with a Certification of Limited Edition.Would you like something like that?

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