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    Arrow Anyone have any.... JACK THOMPSON?!?!?!

    Looing for all Jack thompson cards, The "Throwin' Soamoan"... Great guy!! Anyone have ANY of his cards? PLMK Thanks!!

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    If thats who I am thinking of....he's my buddy's uncle.

    Yup, just double checked. He is related to Jack's brother, Walter.

    Anyway, sorry, no cards.

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    Haha awesome!! Ya, he went to WSU (Washington St.) Where are you from? His son graduated from our school a few yrs ago... We played football together and Jack is a great guy! Still helps out with our team and QB... Its great!!

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    My buddy is originally from Guam. He moved to Washington a while back, and now he's a marine merchanct.

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    I would have pretty much all his cards. They're not worth alot though. Before I go searching, what are you offering in trade?

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    AWESOME... I dont know... i dont collect much football at all... what do you collect? LMK

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    I collect items in my signature only.

    However for the Jack Thompson cards, I will accept a Game used or auto of pretty much anyone in Football. LMK

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