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    Reggie Bush autod full size helmet FT/FS

    Comes with a Bush coa/hologram and a pic of him signing it. looking for around $250 sell value in trade or ill sell it for $245 dlvd. Pics are on my bucket, only looking for football in trade. thanks

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    accidenty did a double post, please close/delete one, thanks

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    Ok? Im trading it for cards.....everyone else posts there autod jerseys for trade in the card section and thats ok, why not this?

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    Only cards that are $100+ can be posted in the High End Trading Forum. When I see anything that doesn't fir that criteria, it gets moved.

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    I'm interested in it. I do have Mini Helmets or some decent FB Auto's. PLMK

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    Intrested...not sure what you'd want from me for it? also like the Leinart and Young autos

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