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    Looking for all these base and RCs and GU and autos and everything-Even cheap players

    LMK what you got and want! Thanks!

    ***Everything includes base unless otherwise noticed***

    Primary Wantlist:

    Charlie Villanueva
    Smush Parker
    06-07 Timberwolves
    Rajon Rondo #21 Finest Draft Redemptions
    Renaldo Balkman #20 Finest Draft Redemptions
    Kevin Garnett base/inserts/RCs/etc.
    Christian Laettner base/inserts/RCs/etc.
    Reggie Miller auto

    Secondary Wantlist:

    Donta Smith
    LeBron James RCs
    Dwyane Wade RCs
    Exquisite base /225
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    Go Grizzlies and Go Pacers!

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    I have about 1500 base reggie millers if interested.

    shoot me a PM if so.


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    thanks but I prolly don't have anything you'd need like last time we talked.
    Go Grizzlies and Go Pacers!

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    Interested in 05/06 Exquisite Sarunas Jasikevicius RC /25 and
    Linas Kleiza 4 color patch auto /225, if need pic's lmk

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    those are awesome, but I doubt I have any thing for them. I am really just looking for base. Thanks a lot tho!
    Go Grizzlies and Go Pacers!

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    03-04 Spx Winning Materials Dual Jsy
    02-03 Topps Ten Kevin Garnett Jsy #/1500
    04-05 Fleer SweetSigs Kevin Garnett SweetStroke JSy (Retial)
    94-95 SP Garnett Rc
    94-95 Skybox Garnett Rc

    lmk if you need any thanks

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    Reggie I have these incoming looking to trade again.

    95-96 Upper Deck Kevin Garnett Rc Bv 5.00
    95-96 Topps Kevin Garnett Rc Bv 2.50
    00-01 Upper Deck Hardcourt Kevin Garnett GAMEFLOOR Bv 12.00

    Not incoming 95-96 Fleer Firm Foundation Kevin Garnett #335 Rc Bv 2.50 (I think)

    These intrest me

    all your d-wades
    Villanueva, Charlie-
    05-06 Topps Chrome RC
    05-06 Topps RC

    Pippen, Scottie-
    97-98 Collector's Edge Edge Impulse

    2000 Press Pass Authentics Certified Autograph Morris Peterson Auto RC

    Possibly these not as much as the others:

    04-05 E-XL Court Authentics Mike Bibby GU /500
    00-01 Fleer Feel The Game Shareef Abdur-Rahim GU shorts

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    Vision: I can use them all. Check my site and lmk. Thanks!

    Jeremy17: My Wades are gonna be gone b/c the guy just got all the Villanueva eBay items I needed for me, and the Villanueva Topps Chrome RC is gone. The Bibby GU is incoming. I can use all those KGs tho. PLMK. Thanks!
    Go Grizzlies and Go Pacers!

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    I dont know then is the mo pete auto and the charlie normal topps rc still available what does it book at.

    Ill look through your trade list again.

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    I don't know BV on the Mo Pete, but I do still have it, the Charlie V Topps RC is BV $4 and I still have it. I also still have the Pippen and Shareef GU. PLMK. Thanks!
    Go Grizzlies and Go Pacers!

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