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    TRADE in your favor for Greats Keary Colbert

    I am trying to put together the set of the 2004 Greats of the game rookies. I have all but the Keary Colbert(#90). I will trade in your favor or buy at full book dlvd.

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    I have a extra Darius Watts and or a Michael Jenkins. LMK what else you are looking for.

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    My Michael Clayton fell through and I found a double of Steven Jackson

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    I could use nearly all of them. Check my trade list for anything else you need.


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    I would be willing to do a a jenkins and a
    watts for the keary colbert

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    Ok. I live in Australia, so if your fine with shipping here, post the trade.


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    Thanks Ed I will post the trade after I eat. Sorry Big Ben maybe next time.

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