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Thread: To Grade or Not to Grade?

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    To Grade or Not to Grade?

    Well, I was gonna grade these earlier, but never really follow through on my thoughts. This time Im going to, but need your help. Opinions welcome. Its gonna cost me a small fortune (Somewhere over $100) to grade em, but I wanna know if its worth it.

    Also, how long does it take them usually? I was thinking of doing the $10 Each 20 Day one. Is that Minimum of 20 days it takes? Or they will be done by then?

    03-04 UD Glass Carmelo Anthony Rookie /250 (I still have the peel on the front, should I peel it or let them do so?)

    05 SPX Jason Campbell SPX Spectrum Auto Jersey /25

    03-04 Upper Deck Lebron James STAR ROOKIE Card

    03-04 UD MVP Lebron James RC

    02 Sp Authentic Jason Richardson Rookie Authentics Jersey #23 /1275 (His Jersey #)

    04-05 UD Black Diamond QUAD Diamond RC

    03-04 Fleer Ultra Chris Bosh Auto RC /250

    05 Bowman Chrome Shawn Merriman Auto Rookie w/ Holo

    05 Trilogy Chris Paul Auto Focus RC Auto

    03-04 UD Legends Draft Redemption Dwight Howard

    Now are these worth it? All look like AT LEAST 9s, but Im not positive. A few very well could be 9.5s or 10s.

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    I guess no ones feeling helpful tonight? I know for sure Ill send in the Melo, Paul, and Campbell, but Idk about the others.

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    i would send the james melo and paul the rest i would hold off on i have never sent a card to be graded either so good luck to you let me know how it turns out because i have a bunch of stuff i am considering getting graded take care spuds

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    I'd send none of them...but I think Graded cards are about the dumbest thing ever.

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    what i would do viking would send a couple in and write down what you think they are and see what they come back as. then send the others in if you are happy with the first. i have found that so many people get their cards back and are slightly dissapointed.

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    Spuds - Ya, Im not quite sure either. Its quite a hefty cost, so I wasnt sure. Mainly its to raise there long term sell value on any of these.

    Balla - Thats a good idea, Ill see what happens. I may send in like 5.

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    I think that graded older cards are cool. I don't think grading recent releases does very much for the value. Value in recent releases are driven by GU, autos and serial #. There are surely a few exceptions.
    Grading will offer card protection, but most "one-touch" are "one-screw-down" holders today offer pretty much the same protection.
    Just my 2 cents...

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    hmmm....I only see one i would grade there and that's the Campbell. It's an auto, GU and a low #'d card. If it got a 9.5 it would jump in value on the bay.

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