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    2006 PRESS PASS come in, i need alot of these

    any redick or williams, and jsy or autos from 06

    need doubles and anything of JJ

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    i aint got any new press pass but what do you want for your Randy Foye auto

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    pistol nothin i need sorry, let me know if you get any JJ or shelden

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    would you trade the brandon roys the auto and gu lmk thanks

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    check my site for the Foye, and any base of Killingsworth (Indiana, if he has one), Foye, Balkman, Rondo. PLMK. Thanks!
    Go Grizzlies and Go Pacers!

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    nah, not yet. I haven't gotten anything from 05-06 Finest or anything 06-07 yet. Check my site tho at
    also, did you get any Marco Killingsworth?
    Go Grizzlies and Go Pacers!

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