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    HUGE collection incoming, 500,000 cards.. CONTINUOUSLY UPDATED

    About 1/3rd done...heres the goods. *500K Card collection on photo bucket. check out my other stuff For Sale also..


    UPDATE! Been sorting for about a week now since I got back from vacation.
    Trying to upload photos but cant seem to figure out how anymore...
    I have them both on my labtop and on photobucket, but when I try to select the file from my labtop it wont upload and posting the photobucket URL says invalid file.
    Any suggestions??


    so heres the deal, my uncle has been collecting cards for 30+ years. He has accumulated over 500,000 cards over that time mostly from 1970-2000, and yes, 500,000. Recently he contacted me saying he has decided it's time to begin selling his collection now and asked if i would be interested in helping him move it. He is in the process of bringing the cards over now and I will be starting to go through them in the next couple weeks.

    I guess i'm mainly just wondering if anyone has any opinions on how I should go by selling stuff, singles, sets, grade the best rookies..ect.

    Also what you guys are looking for as I really don't know what's there but there will be lots of vintage, rookies, inserts...Ect.
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    There's a variety of answers.

    Stuff from the 70s & 80s: I'd be inclined to try and sell complete sets where you've got them. Any "key" rookies will sell pretty easily if they're singles too. Same with most "star" cards pre-1983 (anything after that, it's not that they won't sell.... but you might not love the price you get).

    If you've got lots of doubles, team sets from that era might be a good way to go too.

    From the 90s Through 2000 ?? It really depends on what you've got. Complete sets of early 90s Upper Deck aren't going to sell for me. Late 90s? There's a good market for SPs out of the sets, but I don't think many people looking to buy sets online (shiping for that kind of stuff just costs too much, if you're talking about a whole set).

    RCs / Inserts / Parallels ?? It really depends on what you've got. Some are near worthless, some will shock you with how much they go for.

    Player Lots / Team Sets might be a good way to move a lot of that stuff out too.

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    I would pick through the pre '89 sets and pull out the best RC and star cards for grading. If you sell as sets, and there are mint star RC's, someone will make a big profit off you when they send them in for grading. A key RC in a 9 or 10 can go for multiples of what the whole set would sell for raw. Here is a second year Mario in a 10, its a 1500 dollar card:

    The key here is having experience grading - if you don't have it, expect to be disappointed. Most new submitter s hit lots of 6's and 7's on cards they think are mint - ask me how I know! When you get some of the cards, post the best examples here and we can give you some guidance. It's likely you don't have much in real high grade, but you never know. Grading can turn a $30 card raw into a $300 card, and graded cards are pretty liquid.

    If you do have a high end group of cards, and you can get them in high grade slabs (PSA for anything older than 95), then send them to PWCC. He will get the best prices on the best cards and the cost to sell will be less than the cost to sell yourself.

    I would then backfill the cards that were pulled for grading with mid grade examples, making the sets complete, and sell the sets complete.

    Inserts, numbered and other cards under 10 bucks I would send to COMC. Raw modern, mid grade vintage, value 10+ I would list and sell on Ebay.

    I'm willing to bet a large portion of those 500K cards are worthless, Pro Set, Score, 1990 UD etc. I have a whole trunk of that crap. Some of these cards can be graded - Premier RC's, Score Brodeur and Lindros, and some others sell well if you can get them in PSA 10 slabs, but that can be a losing proposition if you don't hit good grades. Don't spend a lot of time on the early 90s stuff.

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    I know it's a longshot but if you come across any Matt Johnson cards I would be willing to take them off your hands. As far as splitting up a collection that large I really can't help with, except take your time and research what you have by using completed auctions on ebay.
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    I would be interested in Lafleur rc's.
    I collect Beliveau and Lafleur autos. Can consider other nice Habs cards too.
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    I would definitely be interested in any VINTAGE HABS CARDS OF BELIVEAU, MAURICE RICHARD, LAFLEUR, DRYDEN ETC....

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    I would say sort by year and by team as well. So if someone needs a specific card from a certain year, it will be a little easier to sort through. I've never had to piece out a collection of this size, so I can't help much from personal experience here.

    Best of luck, hoping you hit some real gems. As Sean already stated, cards from the 90's could be worthless or worth a lot to some collectors if you happen to hit some rare parallels of their PC player.
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    If you are close to toronto, I would be interested in the whole lot
    I tried to pm you but your box is full, Thanks

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    interested in bobby ryan and graded vintage
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