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Thread: anyone have anything in my sig

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    anyone have anything in my sig

    I am looking for rcs, autos, and game used of things in my sig.

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    i have a 2001 playoff honors rc jersey kevan barlow , lmk if you need it

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    i got a tops prospects carmelo, and a bowman chrome harden,

    am looking for good rc;s frm 03 for football or NICE GU

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    great one- not interested and don't have the bonds.

    Hemi711-check my site

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    take a look at my page i have alot of what your looking for in football

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    i like that mcgwire, but what team is it from? if it is the cardinals i am interested. also what do u got for 03 football?

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    I have a Harrington/Stewart Playoff Prestige Backfield Tandems Dual Jersey #d to 400.

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    bloomis1307- will you please lit the harrington's, vick's and pennington you have.

    Hemi711- the mcgwire is on the a's and i don't have any 2003 rcs

    GRAVITYCARDZ- I am interested.

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