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    Can't find the BV, but a nice card

    The Jonny Gomes 04 Fleer Skybox Autographics numbered /25 is a nice card but I can't find the BV. Help someone.

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    I'm not terribly sure, but I think you have the gold version of the card which books for $30, but may be wrong.

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    Well if a golden version exists than the card is that version.

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    since ur looking for wuto'ed yankees stuff i have a mose skown autograpged pic. lmk if u want it

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    Actaully I put it in for you and it came up exaclty how you listed it
    -2004 Skybox Autographics 82 Jonny Gomes PR NM-MT Own 1 bv $3.00

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    or it could be $25 since on beckett it says numbered to 265

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