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Thread: I NEED Paypal right now!

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    Arrow I NEED Paypal right now!

    Please check my site. I need Paypal in the next 4 hours!

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    any chance you are willing to pull things out of the lot of retired/HOF GU? If not, how much for just this:

    2005 Leaf Sportscasters Green Dale Murphy 27/40

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    I dont know the BV on that. Just make an offer. I need paypal but I'm not ready to part with any of the GU yet.

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    well, leaf sportscasters don't book too terribly high, I could give ya like 1.50 for it.

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    Any way you could look it up anyway? I'm just curious.

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    Alright. Okay. 1.50 sounds fine. 2.50, I'll send in a bubble mailer.

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