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    Might be a long shot but..... selling these Auto's... good price

    I need a little extra $$ and don't really care for these..

    LMK if you are interested..

    Steve Ontiveros (signed in Person)
    Jay bell (signed in person)
    Ron Coomer (Signed in person) (I am pretty sure this is a chrome card)
    Mark Mulder (signed in person)
    Steve Shoemaker Best Autographs
    Jacob Cruz Best Autographs

    there is a very small ding on one of the corner of the Ontiveros, bell, and Mulder but nothing major.

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    well since they arent certified they arent worth much more then the card itself you have scans of them?

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    Well I am interested in the Mulder and since its bent would you take a $1 on it?

  8. #8 the time I ship i will have made .50..... would like to get more for it anyway..

    Tha x though!

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