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Thread: Modern Card Writer Wanted

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    Modern Card Writer Wanted

    I'm looking for someone who can contribute articles on new card products & modern players for my web site

    This is a professional web site--run by pros--so I need someone who's comfortable with writing quality pieces and who's knowledge is very thorough. A modern card show dealer, shop owner or advanced collector is preferred. You don't need to be a professional writer, but you MUST be able to put complete sentences together and be FACTUALLY accurate.

    I'm looking more for topical 'issue-oriented' stories such as the pack-searching thread that's here now---maybe a rundown of which insert cards were the hottest of the summer--basically whatever modern collectors are talking about. It can also include card topics from the last several years.

    There is no compensation but if you run a store or web site, or have an excellent eBay record, that information will be included with each piece as a form of advertising.

    Email your interest via the site please.

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    If you still want somebody as a side writier I can do it occasionally. I have time at work to think about things but typing it out would be the issue.... Plus I have HORRIBLE grammar. Would need an editor haha.


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