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    Looking for all Brian Mccann And Bill Freehan

    These two players i have decided are going to be my main goals from now on lmk what you have, looking for autos gu rc's vintage #d inserts, thanks lmk

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    don't know if I want to part with them, but I have these McCann cards:

    2003 Topps Chrome Traded #T209
    2003 Topps Chrome Traded Refractor #T209
    2003 Topps Total Silver #986

    List of wants in my sig.

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    haha if you dont want to part then i dont need them, lol anyways i really have nothing you want particularly

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    no problem, just thought I would toss them out there for ya...guess I shouldn't mention the Bowman Chrome auto of his :-p LOL

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    ha would really like that refractor but i have nothing of real value that you need lol, nice group of cards, i dont quite have his bowman chrome auto but have his bowmans best one

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    his Bowman's Best is a nice card too, what's that going for these days? I was lucky enough to stumble onto the Bowman Chrome auto on here before the season started.

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    its going round 28 every time i see it on ebay, but i pulled it out of a pack so that was conveniant lol

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