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    05 Fan Favorites Lonnie Smith AUTO FS/FT NEED TO UNLOAD!!!!!!!!!!

    i have the card listed above FT/FS.i would rather see at this point b/c i NEEEEEEEEEEEEED the $$$ but would trade if wanted.


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    Lonnie Smith eh? can't believe he has a certified auto LOL...any chance he's in a Braves uni?

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    sorry no hes in a phillies uni.

    please TAKE IT!! :)

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    hmmm that's not bad looking card...don't really want to buy though, any chance you'd trade it for some of #'d cards?

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    well my first priority is to sell right now.

    if i get no other takers i will trade it.

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    ok i will.

    anyone else???i NEEEED TO UNLOAD IT!

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