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    Anyone building 2006 topps series 1 or 2?

    I have tons of the base cards, if anyone needs any, leave me a list of #s you need and I will see what I can do
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    I'm building them, but waiting on a hobby box of Series 2 Rack packs to show up in the mail. I'll get a list after that (and after busting the box on here, of course. :D)

    Any sets you're working on, out of curiosity? I'm also getting a Fleer Ultra hobby box, so...

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    my full wants are on my trade page. i dont do much with modern baseball, but i am working on almost all topps football sets

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    Working on Topps DPP? I've been picking up packs of them, and only have a few I really want to keep / sell later. The rest of 'em are trade fodder. That includes (for the most part) base, rookies and chrome.

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    I've also got a few of the Declaration signers, think I've got a few you've got. I'll keep you in mind, definitely, once I get that rack box. :D

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