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    Allen and Ginter bas for trade. I need Topps or Bowman Heritage base

    I have about 12 packs worth of base. I need most years Topps Heritage, and Bowman Heritage cards. LMK what you need, and what you got.


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    I need alot. Just let me know what Allen and Ginters I need, and I will shoot you some #s.


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    you get any Chipper Jones in the A&G?


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    do you have a danica patrick A&G FT?

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    i need any base you have of a and g.

    are there any teams/players you wnat most from topps heritage?

    i have 3 #/1957(,c.utley,s.sosa)if you need em.

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    I am working on a deal for most of the base right now. If it falls through, I will get back to you guys. Thanks, brian

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    Did you get any Diamondbacks? PLMK, as I have a lot of 06 Topps Heritage......

    Thanks, Dave........

    Also looking for the Maddux...........
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    Do you have a base Mike Tyson, Carl Lewis, or Monte Irvin from A&G?

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