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    Highs and Lows from Arlington TX Card Show

    I had a lot of fun and found some good deals and make a nice trade. Hardly any newer rookies though. I also had a bad experience with a dealer. He had a huge table with two glass cases, many unopened boxes for sale, and then about 12 5000 count boxes of opened cards. I asked him for prices on the cards in the 5000 count boxes. He said if there is no price on the card, it is $1 for each card in a toploader, 50 cents for each card in sleeve, and 25 cents for non-sleeved. Well, I spent about an hour at his table and found quite a few $8-$15 cards that I would love to get for that price. I had a stack of about 10 toploaded cards and 20 non-sleeved cards. Then, he decided to go through and price them all and gave me a price of $110. Well, needless to say, I left as quickly as possible. These were the deals I got and the trade I made:

    2002 Bowman Chrome Ryan Raburn REF AUTO RC for $2.50
    1998 Topps Tek Diffractor Troy Glaus RC (BV$20) for $2
    2004 Bowman Chrome Draft Mark Lowe REF RC for $2

    I also traded 2004 EE Mark Rogers TOC AUTO RC and a John Maine BCDP RC (a hot pitcher who I think has limited upside) for:
    2001 Bowman Chrome Wilson Betemit REF RC
    2001 SP Authentic Wilson Betemit #ed RC
    2001 Elite Wilson Betemit #ed RC

    I might end up regretting the trade but I prefer hitters to pitchers and I think that Betemit has some good upside and a good opportunity in LA so I liked the trade.

    Cards are for trade if anyone is interested. Michael

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    I was at the show again too. It was a bit bigger than in the past. I didn't do very much of anything. There's only 3 dealers that I seem to always hit. One of them now has the shop in the Mall. I picked up some Vince Young RC's and was happy that he had some display covers for hats. I picked up a couple of them to test for my autographed hats and it works. I need at least a dozen more. I'll also get my Bowman Chrome from him when it comes out. Between him (Dwane) and SMP Sportcards in Grapevine (Scott), I feel they are the best in the area and never get ripped.
    By the way, this Friday evening, there will be pack wars at Rawlings again at the Ballpark. I didn't go last time but will go this time to check it out. I guess they give out Ranger stuff to the winners. It's worth a look see. Last year I won 2 boxes of cards plus 4 game used cards. It was sponserd by Donruss then though. I don't know who does it now.

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