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    Any Iowa Hawkeye football fans needing Iowa Hawks Autos

    I have a lot of nfl Iowa hawkeyes autos. Looking to sell for cheap. let me know if you need anyone in particular.

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    I am a huge hawkeye fan, I am searching for all Brad banks cards.. I only need 19 for the all his cards.. I am also starting a fred russell collection. However I collect all IOwa let me know what you got.. Thanks

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    I have an auto of the following:

    Sean Considine (Press Pass), Brad Banks (Sage), Dallas Clark (Sage), Tim Dwight (Ultra), Jared DeVries(Skybox Autographics)

    let me know if any of those intrest you. the

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    Well the Sage and pres pass are their rookies years.

    dwight is 2001

    devries is 1999

    I dont have a football beckett but I know that the Dwight is $18.50. The devries is only $8.

    My book guess for the others:

    Consodine $10

    Clark $16

    Banks $15

    Let me know if we can work something out. Make me an offer on them.

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