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    Finally Updated My FB Tradelists.,,Please have a look and see if you need anything...

    Hey all,
    Well I finally went through and updated (I think they are accurate as of right now) my tradelists. Added a ton of rookies and autos and Gued to the lists.
    I know a bunch of you hate links but trust me it works better this way. If I was to post it all here it would be a lllooonnnnggggggg list so just click here for my trade page:

    I have seprate pages for my Autos+Gued and Inserts and Rookies. Tried to make them really easy to navigate. Also on my home page there are wants and my rules.

    Also I can add these wants on to the ones on my home page:

    Mike Bell (NO PP)
    Hank Baskett (NO PP)

    Other 06 non Press Pass rookies of Broncos or Texans or Cowboys. (I like Press Pass I just have a ton of them already.)

    LMK if you see anyting and if you have something I might like.

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    Nothing interests anyone?

    wow, guess it might be time to give it up on here.

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    LOL, I feel the same way but don't give up !!!

    My Main focus is the Reggie White jsy, but I could use as many of these as possible.

    Reggie White (green) 04 Leaf Certified Fabric of the Game SN# 19/85 #FG-80
    Tony Gonzalez (red) 06 Topps DPP Upperclassmen Class of 97 #UC-TG (also a silver parallel SN #ed 42/50)
    Jim Marshall (auto) 05 UD Ledgends Ledgendary Signature #LS-JR
    Eli Manning (blue) 04 Fleer Inscribed Names of the Game #NGJ-EM
    Eli Manning (blue) 04 Leaf R&S Freshman Orientation SN# 256/500 #FO-1
    Antonio Gates (blue) 05 Leaf Rookies and Stars Great American Heroes SN# 245/250 #GAH-3
    Deion Sanders (red) 05 Gridiron Gear Performers SN# 129/150 #P-10
    Jason Campbell (red) 05 Throwbacks Threads Throwback Materials #215

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    i like the youboty sage auto, donruss threads Donte Whitner SN# 106/999 #213 (Bills), what do you need of mine? Thanks
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    Eli Manning (white) / Peyton Manning (blue) 05 UD Reflections Cut From the Same Cloth #CC-MM (HTG)

    LMK on this!

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    I could for sure use this for my PC:
    05 Smith, Rod Prestige Game Day JSY
    I could send you the Gonzalez jersey for it since I bet they are pretty similar bv wise. Thanks for the interest, I wish I could have found something for the White jersey for you....LMK on the other though!

    You know I don't give up Broncos, lol....If I end up getting some dupes though I will keep you in mind.

    Could use these (not sure on bvs or what you are looking to get rid of just listing what I liked...sorry if some things are way off.)
    2005 Fleer Patchworks Ivan Rodriguez 3 Color Patch 48/49
    2002 SP Legendary Cuts rookie Recruits David Carr Jersey (not sure which one this is do you have a scan?)
    2004 Sage Hit Philip Rivers Jersey
    2000 Topps Stars Steve Largent
    LMK if there is anything we can work,

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    i could do the rivers for the two i like- it books at 25. let me know if that is ok with you. if not, i can check prices on the other stuff. the largent is about the only thing on that list i wont trade for what i like. Thanks
    Owner of Roundtablegaming

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    Thanks for the interest man but I didn't see anything I would be willing to give that up for.

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