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    I dont follow basketball cards, but this is AMAZING!!!

    just searching the bay for some nice BGS stuff for my PC and stumbled across this:

    NOT A BAD CARD, HUH??:new_shock :new_shock :new_shock

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    pretty sweet. i have the top bid.................. lol

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    is that serious 36,000 for a card? Who cares if its 1 of 1. For that price I'm sure you culd hire wade to come to your house for an hour and sign everything you put in front of him. haha. or you could make your own sweet looking card

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    Although that's a sweet card, I'd never pay more than $500 for it. Whoever buys it must be a SERIOUS Wade fan.

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    I came across that card yesterday and even my mom said that there was no way that that card could be that much.

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    That is an awesome card, but to pay 36,000 dollars is too much for buying a sports card.

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