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Thread: WTB: Nash Autos, GU's, #, rc's

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    WTB: Nash Autos, GU's, #, rc's

    Like the title says, lmk what u got.


  2. SCC - Feb 2018
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    i have the 96-97 SteveNAsh Hoops the rookies RC

    and the leandro barbosa RC AUTO you wanted to buy earlier lmk what youll pay...

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    I have this. I will sell for $2 shipped! lmk

    96/97 Ultra Steve Nash RC

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    Jesse your inbox is full...and replying to your pm you dont have this rc and no i dont have barbosa gu

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    i have this bv-160 im not sure what i want as i havnt seen any on ebay so make an offer

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    I have this:

    2004-05 Fleer Authentics Defining Authentic Steve Nash GU BV $10

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    Pacefine- Check my Nash pc to see if I have it.


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    you said earlier that you had a dwade rc what set is it from and whats to bv, and how much $$ would you be willing to add for the dual auto.

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