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Thread: A few cards for trade

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    A few cards for trade

    Looking to dump these for football- if you have basketball only for trade, I will take lebron and dwade stuff, even base. Heres the list

    Game Used
    2004-05 SP Signature Edition Retro Remnants Delonte West RC Jersey 18/499

    2002-03 Inspirations Marcus Haislip/Kenyon Martin 315/1600
    2003-04 Bowman Signature Uncirculated Zoran Planinic 187/1250
    2003-04 Skybox Autographics Silver Travis Hansen 92/150
    2003-04 Bowman Signature Maciej Lampe RC 205/1250

    Numbered Rookies
    2004-05 SPX John Edwards 1382/1999
    2004-05 Topps Pristine Jackson Vroman 43/239
    2005-06 UD Portraits Ryan Gomes 25/75
    2005-06 UD Portraits Wayne Simien 352/399

    Numbered Non Rookies
    2005-06 Topps Chrome Refractor Jared Jeffries 401/999
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    interested with the martin auto..

    only have score rc's of leinart,cutler,hawk

    and hot rookie of young.leinart,cutler

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    ive actually got multiples of all of those, thanks- id take other basketball, if you wanted to offer something else- im tired of looking at the same cards. shoot me a list of what youd be willing to trade for it.
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    dual auto, both of them signed it
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    pretty sure its 25, it was when last i checked it and i cant see why it would have changed
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