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    want to boost feedback rating!!!

    i would really like to try and boost my feedback rating up until i start high school on thursday.

    check my bucket give me a list of what you need b/c some stiff is NFT.

    looking for other star/semistar GU/Auto,vintage stars(up until 1975),star/semistar #ed cards,star/semistar refractors,allen and ginter stuff(any),washington nationals cards,Hoyt Wilhelm stuff,and Vladimir Guerrero GU/Auto.

    my want list is pretty well spread im looking for lots of different variaties of things just lmk what you have/need.

    also if your looking for a specific player/team just lmk and id be glad to take a look for you.

    thanks for looking!!

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    isn't 179 enough? LOL...I must say you have to have one of the most diverse collections I've ever seen...seems like every other day you are looking for something new.

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    yea i know.

    im just trying to make the most of my last 2 days of summer vacation by making the most trades i possibly can.

    oh by the way did you need anything(besides the niekro :)

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    I kinda like the Pods auto and the Hudson dual if either is available?

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    sense:sorry dont have any of those.also i agree on your other comment! :)

    sanders:pmed back.

    aekdb:the pods is NFT but i could definitley deal the hudson.what could you offer?

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    would you take #'d cards for it? if not, I may deal some GU from my PC for it

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    sorry i really dont like trading GU for #ed cards.

    what cards from the PC could you deal?

    also funny story on the pods.normally i could trade it but i pulled that in the 1st cracker jack pack(04)i ever bought!i loved the product ever since.

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