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    trade list auto's and game used

    let me know what you like....mostly looking for hakim warrick will look at other stuff also..

    04/05 sweet shot signature shots JR Smith
    04/05 luxury redcarpet josh childress #'d
    04/05 sp authentic signature tony allen
    04/05 sp authentic josh smith #'d
    04/05 sp authentic bernard robinson #'d
    04/05 hardcourt gerald wallace hardwood commemortives
    04/05 pristine gold auto stephon marbury encased #'d

    01/02 upper deck classic duals iverson/kobe
    01/02 MVP game ball gold #'d Kobe Bryant
    04/05 pristine rookie sign in jameer nelson
    04/05 pristine rookie sign in tony allen
    04/05 luxury lay up relic jr smith #'d to his jersey number
    04/05 luxury quad ben gordon/emeka okafor/dwight howard/andre iguodala #'d
    04/05 luxury Quad kidd/iverson/francis/marbury #'d
    05/06 luxury triple double MAVS #'d
    05/06 topps chrome chosen one chris paul #'d
    05/06 topps picture perfect chris paul #'d

    have others at

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    check my site for these:

    05/06 topps chrome chosen one chris paul #'d
    05/06 topps picture perfect chris paul #'d

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    check my list for any of these
    Okafor/howard quad
    either pauls
    either kobes

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    hey pure

    in all those cards do you have any hakim warrick autos or game used or 05/06 rookie debut sizzling swatches? there were alot of cards to try and go through so i thought id ask first....great collection you have by the way,,,

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    dont have anything in your wantlist.. sorry.. anything else?

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    hery brandon

    like the luxury divison that you have....whats thew book on it?

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    i need this:

    04/05 luxury Quad kidd/iverson/francis/marbury #'d

    check my site and let me know what we can do.....


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    sorry didnt see anything i collect on your site...thanks though

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    I'm interested in the Udonis Haslem autograph and David Harrison autograph...

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