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Thread: EVERYTHING for sale

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    EVERYTHING for sale

    Well, you've heard it all before, but I think I'm gunna have to leave the hobby due to an unfortunate incident, as much as I love it and you guys on this site. So Everything not in my PC or my 04 legends(cuz I wanna keep a few cards, if I ever start collecting again down the road) is up for sale. Please post here or PM me what you like. If you buy big lots of GU and Jerseys I can definetly cut you a deal.

    Thanks to all the members who made my stay on this site a great one. And I hope I can come back some time down the road.

    Also all of my CC will be fore sale. I will post in the CC section if you wanna post there.

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    Jim Brown jsy, palmer gridiron gear, vick plaque, eli julius dual, Winslow JSY auto, let me know price of each

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    dean I could do $5 on the classic membership, and $15 on the Rookie Premiere one, BV on the Rookie one is $40.

    Lebron sending email right now

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    also dean if you want the portis authentix rookie you asked about before I could do it for $15

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    grossman auto......Davis Patch auto...Greg Jones GU LMK sale value on each and as a lot

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    like the chambers,rudi auto's, eli/julius dual jersey, and the sanders jersey

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