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    Why is EVERYONE After Tarvaris Jackson?!?!

    Well, as a die hard Vikings fan, I know Tarvaris is the future. Ive been trying to get Tarvaris stuff, but have yet to even get ONE Auto or Game used of his. EVERYONE is after him now, whats going on? I mean, hes not good enough yet to bandwagon jump, so Idk whats going on. I cant even get his cards!

    His stuff is harder to get than Greenways! YIKES!

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    His stuff is going high high high!

    Its funny, because right after Draft, everyone said he should been a 3rd - 4th round pick, and no one liked him. Now all of a sudden everyones on him like flys on honey. Or a stripper on a single. I mean, I cant get anything!

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    Yea it sucks. i liked him b4 now though, hopefully hell cool off a bit

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    well i got his auto for 2 dollars yesterday pretty nice pick up

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    I have a Triple Threads Jsy /500 with Jackson/Whitehurst/Jacobs. Shoot me a PM if interested.

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