Ive got some Bowman and Bowman Chrome cards to trade-Theres two of the light blue cards that are serial numberd to /500 along with a blue x-fractor-and more-Heres what ive got for someone-

Bowman #B1
Bowman Chrome #BC1

34 Chrome 1ST Year Cards-#BC3-8-13-16-22-27-31-33-36-37-38-40-46-51-54-56-57-58-60-61-66-71-72-75-76-80-81-85-88-90-96-97-104-105

Blue X-Fractor Francisco Leandro #BC68

Light Blue Cards
#B46 Aaron Hathaway #472/500
#B31 Ross Ohlendorm #273/500

Blue 1ST Year Gold Cards
#B6 B89 B102 B106

Green Rookie Gold Card #210 Jason Botts

32 Bowman 1ST Year Cards

8 Green Rookie Cards

More valuable Bowman 1ST year cards
#B52 Max Ramirez
#B86 Mark Reed
B87 Asdrubal Cabrera

Bowman Gold 1ST Year Card #B83 Brad McCann

Bowman Chrome 1ST Year Card #BC110 Kendry Morales

I do have the remainder of all of the reds-The regular players-So if anyones interested-Make me a offer in any non opend products-Older packs-Graded pack-Graded RC-Albert Pujols RC-Game Used or autoed vintage/retired/star players cards-Or of top 2006 football rookie cards-Silver coins and more