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    Todays Mail day, Lebron, Kobe, Howard, etc.

    Tim Duncan ud slam slam dunk swatches g/u
    Amare Stoudamire/Steve Nash 04-05 flair courting greatness ( only amare g/u not nash )
    Mike Bibby 02-03 flair court kings g/u
    Josh Howard 03-04 ud top prospects signs of success Auto*
    Chris Bosh 05-06 ud hardcourt materials #ed/99
    Dirk Nowitzki 04-05 ud hardcourt materials g/u
    Gilbert Arenas 04-05 ud hardcourt materials combo g/u
    Lebron James ud sportscenter swatch g/u *
    Kobe Bryant ud sportscenter swatch g/u *
    Dwight Howard ud reflections reflections fabric g/u *
    Chris Kaman ud reflections reflections signature blue #/50 Auto *

  2. Kronozio
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    racha im checking out your list.. and was curious why your kobe slam g/u is red jersey?? ( what jersey has red in it? )

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    racha- ok thanks..well only thing i really want from your list is the lebron reflections..

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    pure-only thing i really saw for those 2 was your
    cutting edge jordan.. anyhting else i could add from the list in my sig for it?
    lmk thanks

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    sorry.. not looking to move that one.. its in my complete set.. thanks anyway

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