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Thread: Joel Zumaya 1/1 Plate FS/FT

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    Joel Zumaya 1/1 Plate FS/FT

    have this i just pulled... would love to sell or trade for some nice white sox... not looking for a certain BV just something i need... looking for an offer in the 50 dollar range for selling it

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    AJ Guyton 75/87 85% plus 5 1/1's
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    holy crap do i need that! i unfortunately can't buy, and i'm not sure if i have $50 worth of sox stuff, but i sure as will take a look. really hope i can find something. i'll lyk. anything specific your looking for?


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    Would be intrestred in a chris young rc auto out of 199 or 299 if not id like to do paypal or cash thx

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    Hey, sorry i havent gotten back to you... i have come up with alittle over 200+ Chisox i believe... Anyway these could go towards these, lol?! If not its cool... LMK Thanks Skyler

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    Check my site. I have a dual auto White Sox. I would add cash to it. Lets make a deal. PM me if you like the dual. It is Cosigners McCarthy/Lopez.


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    check my site
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    bbonds - lmk if you can find something in that range... really looking for more BV if trading unless it is something awesome like a nice patch or sweet auto of one of the big guns. Lmk what you find

    Spartanfan - i would really rather trade for someone big from the sox if i am trading as a 1/1 doesnt come around all the time although i do like the young. PM me the best offer you can make... if paypal i would need a little better to cover the fees.. lmk thanks

    marinersfan - thats cool... i will start putting the mariners i have together and we can get this thing going

    peter - i have that dual already but thanks for the offer... if interested in buying please pm me the best deal you could go.... thanks!

    Ray - there are a couple things i would like to trade for but not the the plate... I like the tracey auto on your bucket... i dont know what i would have to trade for it but i will be updating my bucket soon so i will maybe send a pm when i am done

    anyone else interested please either leave an offer here or pm me one...

    Magglio Ordonez 665/4851 13.7%
    AJ Guyton 75/87 85% plus 5 1/1's
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    still available
    Magglio Ordonez 665/4851 13.7%
    AJ Guyton 75/87 85% plus 5 1/1's
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