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Thread: Want to Trade for Jordan G/U

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    Want to Trade for Jordan G/U

    Come on guys lmk what you have and what you want from my list please!!!

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    i have a game used bat from when he played baseball if your interested messege me on aim thedude9990

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    I have a reflections game used

    05-06 Reflections game used

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    did you do the other trade for the wade GU or are you gonna do mine???

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    Primm- they never got back to me so i can do your trade if you can send out 2morrow if not.. then i will wait for a response from them over the weekend.
    lmk please

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    i can probably send out tomorrow like from my house PO is closed on weekends, i can still send in a bubble mailer with 2 stamps on u send in bubble mailers with top loaders and dc??? lmk

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