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    Talking Where's the high-end Stovalls and Fasanos?

    Certainly not at my house, let's change that folks!

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    I have a press pass Maurice Stovall AUto for sale... lmk if you are interested!

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    I have a Hot Rookie Score Select Auto #ed/25 ... but I just put it up on the bay last night ... sorry

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    elway, have it

    pack busters, pm me a link if you'd be so kind. I might set a nice little snipe on it :)

    *edit* nevermind, I've got it. Sweet card. I'll make a run at it :)

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    I've got a DPP Fasano, but that's probably not high end enough for you :)

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    Well At Least You Have Taste With Notre Dame Alum


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