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    This is annoying me..what size toploader do I need for donruss cards

    These cards are so thick and the toploaders I have never fit them. THEN I bought toploaders online the real thick ones and they were to thick I put the card and and a decoy card just to keep it from sliding. What size toploaders do I need for the game used cards from prestige,zenith,threads all the products to have the card fit perfectly..thanks for any help

  2. Allgood (eBay Store)
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    Try the one touch magnetic holders for your PC stuff, they are a little more $, but well worth it. For everything else that is thick, I think the ones you want are 5 point.

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    For Donruss GU you need 150pt toploader and screw downs i believe. For any other GU the 75pt/50pt toploader or screwdown will work nicely. The toploaders you got were for patch cards.

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    i got 130 and 180..I need 75pt can anyone tell me where I can get 75 pt toploader. I have 50 pt they hold topps gu nicely. 75 should fit perfect for these

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    Try Ebay. If you dont have an account I can get them for you as long as you pay for them.

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    sneekc- your the man brother but i do have an account i just cant find any on appreciate it though

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