A great product with a wide assortment of new school and old school wrestler autographs from all different companies and eras. Shipping is $2.80 within the US Only. Listed prices are OBO. Thank you for the look, Todd
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Wendy Barlow- Magenta Print Plate Auto "FiFi" # 1/1 $30.00
Buff Bagwell/Scott Norton- Ring Showdowns Blue- Dual Auto # 1/15 $27.00
Ken Patera/Scott Norton- Team Effort Blue- Dual Auto # 6/15 $22.00
Ric Flair- Blue Auto # 4/25 $30.00
Tommy Dreamer- Blue Auto # 18/25 $18.00
King Kong Bundy- Blue Auto # 13/25 $17.00
J.J. Dillon- Blue Auto # 13/50 $15.00


Jim Cornette/Dennis Condrey- Team Effort- Dual Auto $13.00
X-Pac/Val Venus- Ring Showdowns- Dual Auto $15.00

Autos listed below are $6.50 each:

Samu- Red Ink Auto
Gangrel- Green Ink Auto
Terri Runnels- Blue Ink Auto
Tully Blanchard- Blue Ink Auto
Pat Tanaka- Blue Ink Auto